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When would you like to stay?

We’re COVID-Secure & Good To Go!

Our first priority is to keep everyone safe. That’s you, our guests, but also our team.

We see this as a joint effort so please be responsible and play your part in keeping everyone safe as we all continue to navigate our way through these unchartered waters.

With this in mind, we’d really appreciate it if you take a moment to read the information below which details what we will be doing this year to provide the safest possible environment and to ensure the remainder of our holiday season is as carefree as it can be.

  • You’ll need to wear a mask when coming to the island on the car or passenger ferry, and also when travelling on public transport when you are here. Don’t forget to bring one!
  • Full contactless pre-payment is always required, and will have been taken prior to your arrival.
  • Check-in will be contactless, other than to hand you your room key, to check your payment card and the important bit where you sign to say you won’t cause any damage to the accommodation or leave with the TV; we know you won’t but as we’re sure you understand, this is guest protocol.
  • Please do not come into the hotel if you are experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms. Please call us from outside and we will arrange for your return ferry to be changed so you can travel home immediately and self-isolate.
  • Please sanitise your hands on your way into the building.
  • Please observe any one-way queuing systems in place.
  • Keep your room key safely on you at all times. Do not hand it back into reception unit departure.
  • You are now required to wear a face covering when travelling through the hotel corridors and public areas; except when you’re eating or drinking, of course.
  • Hand sanitising stations are provided in the lobby, lounge and bar areas on the ground floor. Please don’t take the sanitiser away with you – this puts us all at an increased risk!
  • Please observe the floor markings, travel routes and queuing systems. These are in place to help encourage social distancing.
  • Please try and maintain social distancing – 2 metres is ideal but if you can’t manage that, you need to keep at least 1 metre  apart from other hotel guests and members of our team.
  • We are offering reduced daily housekeeping and servicing of bedrooms at this time. We will pop in daily when you are out to empty your bin and change your tea cups but we won’t make your bed or clean the bathroom. If we are unable to access the bedroom because you are inside, we will try again later but please keep in mind that the housekeeping team are here shorter hours.
  • Before new guests arrive into a bedroom, our housekeeping team will have undertaken a thorough sanitising regime. All hand contact points will have been disinfected including the TV remote control, the hairdryer, bedside lamps, handles on wardrobes and drawers, light switches, the chairs and stools, balcony and window handles, toilet, taps, and shower contact points.
  • We will not be fogging the guest bedrooms – we don’t feel this is safe or sufficiently effective.
  • Public areas have been reconfigured to ensure social distancing. Please don’t move the furniture.
  • We really don’t want to spoil your fun, but please ensure you follow current guidelines. If you’re sitting in our lounge or bar, you are only allowed to do so with people in your travel group with a maximum of 2 households.
  • We can’t let you congregate at the bar; please collect your drinks and take them straight to your table once you have paid.
  • Use the tables outdoors on the balcony if possible and weather permitting. The view is glorious, make the most of it!
  • In an ideal world, our lounge and bar will be used by hotel guests only but we understand that from time to time guests may be visiting the Island and may have family or friends here. In this instance, please don’t be offended but we need to know who they are and will need their name, telephone number, address and email address for the Track & Trace Service. We have to keep this for 21 days, after which time we will safely destroy any such information on file.
  • The beach is right opposite and the sea is a lovely 19ºC today, expected to rise to 20 – 22 ºC.
  • If you need suggestions or ideas for where to go or what to do, the Island has so much to offer.
  • For ideas go to: www.visitisleofwight.co.uk.
  • Please check out by 10.30am. This is really important and will allow us sufficient time to clean the room properly before new guests arrive.
  • Use the box offered to place your room key into, don’t just leave it on the desk.
  • When you leave your room, please don’t forget to take all your personal belongings with you. We can’t keep or return any lost property this year.

The above information is subject to change at any time. We are constantly checking Government Guidelines and updating our policies accordingly.

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